Types of Mortgages

Yield Sign Rates
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Fixed Rate Mortgages – The Most Popular Mortgage in New Jersey In New Jersey, and around the United States, the 30-Year Fixed Rate mortgage is the most common among home …

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What is a FHA Mortgage?

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How the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Helps You Get a Mortgage Qualifying for a conventional mortgage loan can prove challenging due to tight l ...

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New Jersey Jumbo Mortgage

January 10, 2012, No comments

New Jersey Jumbo Mortgage Financing: Understanding Jumbo Loans While home prices in New Jersey have been in a steady decline and the median home value ...

Variable Interest Rate

New Jersey Adjustable Rate Mortgage

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Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans – New Jersey Homeowners Often Fear Them, but Should They? Adjustable Rate Mortgages, or ARM’s as they are o ...

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    What is Fannie Mae?
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    How Fannie Mae Participates in the Real Estate & Mortgage Market The Federal National Mortgage Association, better known by its nickname Fannie Mae, is a government-sponsored enterprise (GSE). When the ...

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    What Is a Freddie Mac Mortgage
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    Understanding A Freddie Mac Mortgage Freddie Mac is a company that Congress established in 1970 for the purpose of providing liquidity and stability to the home housing markets in the ...